Great Lakes Seniors Golf Association Rules


The GLSGA was formed to promote good fellowship through golf. Remember—the important thing is the play, not the pay!


The GLSGA assumes no responsibility for any golfer at one of our events. Each person plays at his own risk.


  1. Entries:
    1. All entries must be submitted by the Friday preceding the event.
    2. All entries must be prepaid.
    3. If you are a member of any course we play please let us know. We will try to obtain a refund for your green fees.
  2. Tee Times:
    1. The annual schedule of events is printed in the Membership Directories and also available on the GLSGA web site. All tournaments are "shot-gun" starts beginning at 9:30 AM.
    2. Golfers are expected to be at the course one half hour before tee time.
    3. We expect golfers to play all events they have entered. However, if an emergency prevents you from playing we expect notification prior to the event. Failure to notify may result in forfeiture of the entry fee.
  3. Two-man Events:
    1. All 2-man events require a 2-man entry form, including payment, for both golfers.
    2. Golfers are responsible for finding their own partners.
    3. Two-man best ball tournaments – We allow up to a 10-stroke differential between partners handicaps in all 2-man best ball tournaments. For example, if your handicap is 11 and you want to play a 2-man best ball tournament with a golfer having a handicap of 26, his handicap will be lowered to 21 for that tournament.
  4. Rules of Play:
    1. Putt out all balls. No gimmees!
    2. Improving lies: All our events are played with the rule that golfers are allowed to improve the lie any place on the course excepting hazards (sand traps, water hazards, etc.).
    3. Lost ball: For balls lost in a hazard, drop a ball within 2 club lengths (not nearer the hole) from the point the ball first crossed the hazard line and count a one-stroke penalty. For balls lost anywhere else, drop a ball within 2 club lengths of a point as near as possible to the assumed position of the lost ball and count a one-stroke penalty. Note that fellow competitors must agree upon the assumed position.
    4. Out-of-bounds: Drop a ball within 2 club lengths of the point where the original ball crossed out-of-bounds and count a one-stroke penalty.
    5. In compliance with current USGA acceptance (2006 Decisions on the Rules of Golf--Decision 14-3/0.5), distance-measuring devices will be allowed to be used in all GLSGA events.
    6. Police your own group: We do not have officials on the course and therefore cannot render rulings during tournament play. If you believe a fellow competitor violated a rule of golf (or one those specified here) place the complaint in writing and submit it to one of the association directors. Note that complaints not in writing will be disregarded.
    7. Recording scores: The players in one cart will keep the score of the golfers in the opposite cart. Disputes on the accuracy of the recorded scores should be settled before the scorecards are turned in. Golfers are reminded to verify the accuracy of their scorecards before submitting them to the scorers.