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The Grand Rapids Audubon Club brings together people who enjoy nature, especially wild birds. We seek to protect and improve our natural environment and to advance nature education throughout West Michigan.

                                         - GRAC mission statement

 Nature Appreciation:

Birding Field Trips - Numerous monthly field trips allow our members to investigate the variety of birds found along scenic Michigan trails and experience the subtle beauty of nature.

Monthly Meetings - Interesting and informative, each meeting features a program presented by a guest speaker on various topics related to birds and nature.

Natural History Library - Browse and borrow from an extensive selection of books and video tapes related to issues of nature. Click HERE for a list of available books.

Environmental Education:

Junior Audubon - Exclusively for kids! This program includes supervised field trips and nature related activities designed to increase the awareness of nature for children. The program is uniquely exclusive to our club.

School Programs - Each year the Grand Rapids Audubon Club "sponsors" the distribution of National Audubon's Audubon Adventures series to local elementary schools in the Kent County area.


Monthly Newsletter - Nine times a year Grand Rapids Audubon Club publishes the Caller which includes articles and information to keep members abreast of environmental issues and club activities.

Environmental Action - The Conservation Committee keeps club members informed on pending issues related to protection the environment and nature.

Maher Sanctuary - Grand Rapids Audubon owns, and maintains, an 80 acre nature preserve located on northeast Barry County. Members and guests can enjoy a quiet walk in wetlands, fields and woods at the sanctuary.